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Global Fusion: Electri Ride's Diverse Sourcing for Exceptional Products and Parts

Electri Ride, a prominent provider of personal electric mobility solutions, prides itself on delivering exceptional products and parts. One of the key aspects that contribute to the quality and diversity of their offerings is their global sourcing strategy. With components and materials procured from various countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Philippines, United States, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, Electri Ride ensures a fusion of innovation, expertise, and craftsmanship. In this blog, we will explore how Electri Ride's global sourcing approach contributes to the excellence of their products.

1. China:
China, renowned for its manufacturing prowess, plays a significant role in Electri Ride's global sourcing strategy. The country provides a vast array of components, including electronic systems, batteries, motors, and displays. Electri Ride leverages China's technological advancements to incorporate cutting-edge features and ensure high performance in their products.

2. Indonesia:
Indonesia, known for its rich natural resources, contributes to Electri Ride's sourcing network. The country supplies various raw materials, such as rubber and wood, which are used in the production of tires, grips, and handles. By sourcing from Indonesia, Electri Ride supports sustainable practices and utilizes locally available resources.

3. India:
India, with its diverse manufacturing capabilities, is another valuable sourcing destination for Electri Ride. The country provides components like wiring harnesses, controllers, and sensors. Electri Ride benefits from India's expertise in electronics manufacturing, enabling them to integrate advanced functionalities into their products.

4. Mexico:
Mexico's strategic location and skilled workforce make it an important sourcing hub for Electri Ride. The country contributes to the production of frames, chassis, and structural components. Electri Ride's collaboration with Mexican suppliers ensures robust and reliable structures for their electric mobility solutions.

5. Austria and Germany:
Electri Ride sources components and parts from Austria and Germany, renowned for their engineering excellence. These countries provide precision-engineered components, such as braking systems, suspension systems, and drivetrain components. Electri Ride benefits from their cutting-edge technology and adherence to strict quality standards.

6. Philippines:
The Philippines plays a role in Electri Ride's sourcing strategy, particularly in the production of textile-based components like seat covers and protective gear. By working with Filipino manufacturers, Electri Ride ensures the comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal of their products.

7. United States:
Electri Ride collaborates with suppliers in the United States for various components, including specialized batteries, chargers, and electronic accessories. By sourcing locally, Electri Ride supports domestic industries while maintaining control over the quality and reliability of these critical components.

8. Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam:
These countries contribute to Electri Ride's global sourcing network for a range of components, including specialized electronic parts, display panels, bearings, and high-performance motors. The expertise and technological advancements of these countries contribute to the overall quality and innovation of Electri Ride's products.


Electri Ride's commitment to excellence and innovation is strengthened by its global sourcing strategy. By procuring components and materials from diverse countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Philippines, United States, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, Electri Ride ensures a fusion of expertise, technological advancements, and sustainable practices. This global collaboration enables them to deliver exceptional personal electric mobility solutions, showcasing the best of craftsmanship and innovation from around the world.